'More airtime, more love' campaign created, giving customers the chance to win free mobile airtime.

Brandtone worked with Mondelēz to deliver a mobile marketing campaign for its much loved praline chocolate brand, Sonho de Valsa, in Brazil. Sonho de Valsa bonbons are iconic in Brazil, having been on the market for over 75 years. To this day, it remains the most purchased chocolate and is the leader in the praline category with 62% market share.

The Brief

Brandtone was tasked with developing a mobile marketing campaign that would drive this sales volume by increasing purchasing habits. To do this, the ‘more airtime, more love’ campaign was created, giving customers the chance to win free mobile airtime – that they could use to talk to the ones they loved – each time they bought the product.

In a country where there are more mobile phones than people, mobile proved the most effective channel. Participants could opt into continuing to engage with the brand, and the rewards were highly relevant and popular. As a result, Mondelēz was able to gather insights about the consumers which helped them tailor their marketing approach to ensure maximum ROI.

The Campaign

Once consumers had purchased the chocolate, they were directed to text in a unique code found on the product packaging to be in with a 1 in 7 chance of winning airtime so they could share more love. In a country where there are more mobile phones than people, this was an extremely popular and relevant reward.

Once they had participated in a promotion, consumers were given the option to continue to engage with the brand, with 80% opting into further communications.

Through the opt-in mechanism, Brandtone built a database of profiled consumers that Mondelēz could engage with time and time again. Engaging with consumers after the initial redemption meant Mondelēz could ask targeted questions regarding frequency of consumption other chocolate brand preferences and how they found out about the promotion that would help inform the Sonho de Valsa campaign as well as other Mondelēz brands.

By tracking the frequency of interactions through the database, Mondelēz recognized that buying behaviors differed dramatically across Brazil. Throughout the campaign, the strategy was tweaked in real time according to redemptions and different consumer groups, making the campaign more effective and allowing the brand to reach maximum return on investment.

Alongside mobile, the ‘more airtime, more love’ campaign was promoted via a range of channels including TV adverts, social media and radio. These channels allowed Mondelēz to be more visual and romantic with the campaign theme.

The brand also used social media to engage with its younger audience more directly. This 360 approach was vital to the success of the campaign and ensured that all relevant people were targeted.

The Results

Among the most significant results of the campaign:

  • Overall the campaign had over 3 million redemptions and 900,000 unique entries, with 80% of consumers opting in to further communication with the brand. It also saw an increase in Facebook fans of 112,000, demonstrating the increased engagement between consumers and the brand.
  • Over 53% of consumers participated more than once.
  • A special Valentine’s Day promotion saw a ten-fold increase in engaged consumers and for each direct message sent 70% chocolates were sold, demonstrating the power of mobile as a medium for driving engagement and sales around key events.
  • The promotion saw a significant increase in market share for Sonho de Valsa of 3.5% from January to July. Furthermore Sonho de Valsa had its best Easter performance for three years.
  • Brandtone’s database means that Mondelēz now has direct access to 900,000 targeted consumers.
53% of Customers participated more than once.
112,00 new Facebook fans
900,000 Targed customers

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