Brandtone’s ‘Little Brush, Big Brush’ campaign for Pepsodent drives behavioural change for kids in Indonesia.


Unilever leads oral care in Indonesia, with two of its brands - Pepsodent and CloseUp - enjoying high market share. In 2016 Brandtone worked with Pepsodent to launch a campaign which encouraged kids to brush their teeth more frequently.  

Dubbed 'Little Brush, Big Brush', the promotion comprised a series of free audio clips which inspired parents and children to brush their teeth together. 

The Brief

Brandtone was tasked with connecting Pepsodent to those using feature phones, the majority of the target market (Pepsodent used a Facebook Messenger chatbot for smartphone users).

The brand understood that repeated tooth brushing across several weeks could help drive a change in behaviour, which in this case was to ensure that children develop daily brushing habits. The campaign played out over 21 episodes, giving Pepsodent the greatest chance of success.

The Campaign

‘Little Brush, Big Brush’ was advertised on TV, online and on social media and there was no purchase requirement for entry. This allowed anyone to take part, free of charge. After sending the code (*200*188#) through USSD, profiling was carried out and parents were asked to answer some basic questions around the ages of their children and their brushing habits. This valuable information would be used to understand Pepsodent buyers better and to re-engage more accurately with them down the line.

Each episode of 'Little Brush, Big Brush' developed a tale with exciting characters across many countries, with the experience tailored around families. Parents and kids received an episode each evening on their phone and completed brushing challenges to unlock the next installment.

After the 5th, 10th, 15th and 21st story, participants were rewarded with an eVoucher by SMS which could be used to obtain a discount on a pack of Pepsodent.

The Results

The campaign was a huge success with over 1 million stories listened to. Having completed the programme of 21 stories, consumers were more likely to describe Pepsodent as their favourite and also more likely to be brushing twice each day. 

  • Pepsodent being described as favourite increased from 79% to 91%
  • Brushing twice a day increase from 81% of consumers to 87%
  • 212,000 registrations
  • Over 1 million stories listened to