OMO: integrating mobile into the marketing mix to build long term consumer loyalty.

Brandtone has been partnering with Omo in South Africa since 2010, when we incorporated mobile for the first time into the national Door to Door Challenge campaign.

The objective of the campaign was to increase share for Omo in a highly competitive, price sensitive marketplace.

The results highlighted how mobile can create 1:1 relationships between a brand and its consumers at massive scale: over 1 million consumers redeemed the airtime reward from promotional packs of Omo, with 85% opting in for further brand communications. Over 30% of these permissioned consumers were then converted to repurchase from promotional SMS messages sent after the campaign. Importantly, brand health metrics also rose. Then the Omo Team challenged us to partner with them again to create something even bigger.

The Brief

  • Integrate mobile into the new ‘Dirt is Good’ platform, developed from the insight that getting dirty is how kids learn, experience and grow.
  • Create a reward programme linked to the intrinsic brand values to encourage consumers to buy more than just once.
  • Build upon the success of the ‘Door to Door Challenge’ to increase the number of consumers in the permissioned Omo database.

The Campaign

Brandtone responded to the brief by creating an innovative mobile campaign with a tiered rewards program, designed to incentivise repeat purchase over many months while tapping into the Omo brand values.

Inspired by the ‘Dirt is Good’ platform, we worked with the theme of kids education, providing educational bursaries and vouchers for school socks and shirts which could be redeemed in a leading national retailer. We also offered some guaranteed airtime for Mum.

Every consumer who entered the campaign was sent a monthly SMS, reminding them to purchase Omo again to receive the next level of reward. This increased repurchase rates by over 60%.

As consumers made additional purchases of Omo over the duration of the campaign, the perceived value of the rewards increased as follows:

  • 1st purchase: enter a draw for R1 million worth of educational bursaries
  • 2nd purchase: guaranteed R5 airtime
  • 3rd purchase: guaranteed R8 airtime
  • 4th purchase: a voucher for a new pair of school socks
  • 5th purchase: a voucher for a new school shirt

The Results

  • 2.7 million entries
  • 20% increase in sales
  • Purchase frequency of over 3 bags of Omo per consumer
  • Permissioned profiles from more than 1 in 5 households
  • Delivering a 350% return on investment
20% Increase in Sales
350% of Return on Investment
2.7million Entries

A clear win: over one million redemptions, 85% of them opting to receive further communications, and an unprecedented 31% response rate to OMO’s direct SMS.

… another award winning partnership.

  •  MMA Smarties 2012
  •  MMA Smarties 2012
  •  MMA Smarties 2012
  •  MMA Smarties 2011

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