Inmarko is the leading ice cream company in central and eastern Russia. Having been acquired by Unilever in 2008, it was identified that more needed to be done to generate prospective customers for future engagement and sales across its 19 different brands.

The Brief

Unilever engaged Brandtone to develop a mobile marketing campaign to help them grow sales, 5-10%, in traditional distribution channels – small shops and kiosks – and improve effectiveness of the previous campaigns targeted at independent small retailers. The campaign also focused on improving effectiveness of promotion of new Inmarko products in this segment.

The focus of the campaign was on traders and store owners who were in charge of decision making throughout the summer season.

Inmarko needed innovations which would meet their business goals, including increasing sales in Inmarko’s traditional channels and the promotion of new SKUs. They also needed to create a database of traditional stores for further engagement which would be nationwide.

The Campaign

Each of the stores was able to opt-into engagement with Inmarko’s mobile campaign by texting the store code to the short number provided. In return, each of the traders received a guaranteed airtime reward.

The trade marketing managers were able to follow the campaign 2in real time, on the Brandtone Trader platform, allowing them to design, implement and track marketing campaigns. Store and promo coding systems allowed them to build additional bespoke reporting – another tool to control sales information.

Centring this campaign on mobile provided an efficient, direct communication channel to engage, understand and reward one of Inmarko’s key target markets. Brandtone understood that recruiting participants by giving them the option to participate and offering a guaranteed reward was central to its success.

The Brandtone platform provided a completely new way to reward customers, offering them an instant, personal reward and avoiding the costs associated with physical prizes.

The Results

  • Sales increased by 13%
  • 33,000 traders registered
  • 14% RoI
  • 329,000 redemptions
  • permission rate of 95%


Global MMA Smarties - 2015

  • Lead Generation - Gold
  • Best in Show - Shortlisted