Cornetto’s Selena Gomez ‘Revival’ campaign attracts over 1.25 million entries.


Selena Gomez is a major star in Indonesia and in advance of her ‘Revival’ tour, sponsors Cornetto looked to capitalize on the hype by offering prizes including concert tickets to purchasers of Cornetto ice creams.

Brandtone's mobile engagement element complimented an integrated multi-channel campaign across digital channels. Rewards for entering included airtime credit, hats, bags with the grand prize being tickets to see Selena Gomez live in concert on her ‘Revival’ tour.

The Brief

Cornetto sought to increase sales by driving frequency of purchases up. In fact, their aim was for each consumer to purchase one more SKU per month. This resulted in a target sales figure of 1,560,000 over 3 months from 31st March – 30th June 2016. Two categories of ice-cream were involved in the campaign, Cornetto Ooh and Cornetto Mini.

A further goal of the campaign was to build a database of permissioned Cornetto buyers who could be re-targeted with brand promotion messages into the future.

The Campaign

Due to the varied mobile landscape in Indonesia, Brandtone used USSD for the entry mechanic. This meant that there would be no barrier to entry for participants depending on their handset and they would receive an instant response when entering their unique code. Entry codes were printed on the inside of the Cornetto labels and participants could enter as many times as they liked.

Participants won free airtime upon first entry and coupons for merchandise were received for every 2nd or 3rd entry thereafter.

Participants were required to enter contact information when claiming prizes online. This helped Cornetto to understand their distribution network better and to build a database that could be communicated with during future campaigns.


120,000 consumers received a direct message during the campaign, prompting them to enter again. We achieved a very strong opt-in rate of 78%, indicating consumers are hungry for more engagement with the brand. Sales as a result of direct messages amounted to over 25,000, which represented a significant return.

The Results

The campaign attracted over 1.25 million consumers, and 81% of these completed a profile. As part of the integrated multi-channel campaign, all sales targets were met. The high opt-in rates indicate that participants are very open to hearing from Cornetto again about future promotions.

  • Campaign sales targets met
  • 1.25 million entries
  • 780,000 permissioned profiles
  • 81% completed profiling
  • 78% permissioned rate