Be The Coach with Carling Black Label: over 1 million soccer fans cast 20 million votes to pick their teams.

In 2011 Brandtone partnered with South African Breweries to plan and execute the ground breaking “Be the Coach” promotion around the showpiece Carling Cup soccer event between the Kaizer Chiefs and the Orlando Pirates.

The award winning campaign attracted over 20 million votes and surpassed all expectations. In 2012 SAB asked us to make it even bigger and better…

The Brief

The Carling Team challenged Brandtone to execute a mobile campaign that would:

  1. Tap into the passion young South African men have for football, providing a fun and rewarding way for them to experience every soccer fan’s dream of coaching a top team.
  2. Create a direct link to purchase in order to drive share of consumption and deliver volume growth for the brand.
  3. Build upon the strong association between Carling and soccer to increase relevance and consideration for the Carling brand among the target audience.
  4. Create a large scale community of engaged beer consumers who would opt in to future mobile marketing activities from the Carling brand.

The Campaign

Brandtone harnessed the full power of mobile for the 2012 Carling Cup campaign, allowing every fan to “Be the Coach”.

The entry mechanic was simple: buy a bottle of Carling Black Label, send the unique code under the lid from your mobile for free via USSD, and make your player selection. With millions of promotional bottles produced, it was crucial that the campaign was open to all consumers, regardless of their handset or mobile network.

Fans could participate as many times as they liked. In addition, many participating fans received surprise pre-recorded calls from the star players, further enhancing the consumer experience. Then on match day itself, player substitutions were also decided by the fans, voting for their changes via SMS at half time: real fan power.

All participating consumers were registered during the voting process, and also answered specific demographic and behavioural questions. A staggering 80% of them opted in for further communication with the brand, creating a permissioned community of engaged consumers for Carling.

The Results

  • Over 20 million votes for team selection
  • Over 1 million unique consumer profiles created
  • 80% consumer opt-in for further communication from the brand
  • Volume and share increase
  • Earned media of almost 3 times total campaign investment
20million Votes for the Team Selection
1million of Unique User Profiles Created
80% Opt-In for Further Communication

20 million entries for Carling: make us work hard for your brand too.

… another award winning partnership.

  •  GSMA 2012
  •  Cannes Lion 2012

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