Trader Solutions

Grow your insight, influence and sales in the traditional trade channel.

We understand the challenges that organisations face in developing countries with fragmented routes to market and the high percentage of retail trade in the traditional, small, hard to reach independent stores.

By connecting with the traders directly we help you improve your understanding of those selling your products. Building sustainable one to one relationships and ongoing mobile engagement with your traders will help you to influence their buying behaviour and optimise your performance. This is why we created our Trader Solution, to help you connect, understand and influence traditional traders.

We help you establish a direct communication channel with your independent Traders and expand your distribution by connecting with new, hard to reach stores

We improve your understanding of Trader needs and behaviour through profiling and gaining unique insight by combining profiling, sales and performance data with real time data analytics

We help you grow your sales and profitability through targeted offers to independent stores. We keep your brands front of mind through ongoing frequent communication, enabling you to build long term relationships with your traders and grow loyalty

Our real time reporting platform Konnect enables you to measure your campaign performance and optimise your trader engagements, real time.

Examples of our work

Our Trade Solution has helped some of the world’s leading companies to grow sales by double digits, increase market share and promote new SKUs in the fastest growing markets in the world.