Consumer Solutions

Our Consumer Solutions help you to create direct connections with millions of consumers, build sustainable relationships and win share of households in the fastest growing developing markets.

We close the loop between brand & consumer, between communications & purchase, through the reach and intimacy of the mobile phone; all with a clear, measurable return on marketing investment.

Whatever your brand objective: creating awareness or driving sales during a key time period, building consumer engagement and increasing loyalty, we develop unique solutions tailored to your needs.

We help you build direct connections with millions of proven and permissioned shoppers.

We ensure that your mobile campaigns are accessible to all consumers, across all networks and that they create actionable consumer profiles.

We make re-engagement easy. The key to successful mobile marketing is establishing trust with your consumers. Our insights-driven approach means your target consumers get personalised messages and relevant rewards. Over time, this translates into trust and deeper relationships.

As a result, your consumers will want to engage with your brand time and time again.

Our dynamic campaign metrics allow you to monitor, evaluate and enhance your campaign performance and ROI in real-time. Ongoing access to our permissioned consumer databases through our reporting tool Konnect, allows you to control your brand performance at all times, even outside your campaigns.

Examples of our work

We can deploy a range of communication channels, rewards and campaign mechanics to create effective marketing engagements that meet your business objectives.

We offer a wide range of engagement channels including SMS, voice response, email and web. Our agile platform can be integrated with Display, Social, Messaging apps, QR codes and more, meaning you can reach your consumers wherever they are.

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